The Betsey’s Boutique Shop Opportunity

The Betsey’s Boutique Shop Opportunity

Provide Your Customers the Fashionable Alternative They Seek

With Your Own Local Boutique Franchise

The clothing boutique industry is an enormous $21 billion in size.1 It’s time you claimed your piece of it! You can do it with confidence, with the Betsey’s Boutique Shop business model as your guide, and your boutique franchise backed by the full support of our dedicated team.

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A Wide Potential Customer Base:

Women who love fashion can be found everywhere – but will naturally gravitate to a convenient, well-priced, and well-stocked local option. Betsey’s Boutique Shop is designed to serve women of various age groups – from teens to Baby Boomers and everyone in between. With a range of price points, your store can draw in multiple generations of savvy shoppers.


Access to Exclusive, Stylish Inventory:

Betsey’s Boutique Shop carries a wide variety of SKU’s, but inventory is streamlined by carrying core sizes. Your specially sourced fashion items include a Betsey’s Boutique Shop label clothing — meaning your store will feature items that local shoppers simply cannot find nearby, or can even drive to a distant shopping center to find. They’ll love the selection of fashionable options you offer!


Flexible Operations:

We’ll guide you as you retrofit your main street store front, to create an appealing shopping destination. In 2,000 to 3,000 square feet of well-designed store space, within your own protected territory, you can build a fashionable future!


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The projected investment for a start-up location is between $125,135 and $218,850.

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